What is Armouring?

Vehicle armor, also known as vehicle armoring or vehicle protection, refers to the process of fortifying a vehicle to enhance its resistance against various threats and attacks. It involves the installation of specialized materials and components to strengthen the vehicle’s structure and provide increased protection for occupants.

Vehicle armoring is typically applied to a wide range of vehicles, including personal cars, SUVs, trucks, commercial vehicles, and military vehicles. The goal of vehicle armoring is to provide a higher level of security and safety in potentially dangerous or hostile environments.

The armoring process typically includes reinforcing the vehicle’s body and windows with ballistic materials, such as hardened steel, aramid fibers (such as Kevlar), and composite panels. Additional modifications may include upgrading suspension, brakes, and tires to handle the increased weight of the armored vehicle. The level of armor protection can vary based on the specific requirements of the client, ranging from protection against handguns and small firearms to high-powered rifles and armor-piercing ammunition.

Vehicle armoring is commonly utilized by individuals, private security companies, government agencies, and military forces to protect occupants from potential threats, such as armed attacks, ambushes, terrorist acts, and kidnapping attempts. The goal is to create a secure environment within the vehicle, enabling occupants to travel safely even in high-risk situations.

Our Armouring Solutions

Vehicle Armoring

Vehicle armouring involves fortifying vehicles with specialized materials and components to provide enhanced protection against various threats. Whether it's personal safety, corporate security, or military operations, armored vehicles are designed to withstand hostile environments while ensuring occupant safety.

Armored Glass

We offer advanced armored glass solutions that provide exceptional transparency and resistance against various threats. Our expertise lies in manufacturing ballistic glass, bulletproof glass, and transparent armor, ensuring the safety of occupants while maintaining excellent visibility.

Ballistic Protection


CrCoNi Armouring offers different levels of protection, carefully tailored to meet specific security requirements. These levels are based on ballistic protection ratings, ensuring that the armored vehicles can withstand various types of attacks. Our range includes:



  • Caliber: .44 Magnum

  • Ammunition: FJ/FN/SC

  • Mass (g): 240 Grain

  • Test Range (m): 5

  • Velocity (m.s):460



  • Caliber: 7.62 x 39mm

  • Ammunition: FJ/PB/SC

  • Mass (g): 122 Grain

  • Test Range (m): 10

  • Velocity (m.s): 822



  • Caliber: 7.62 x 51 mm

  • Ammunition: FJ/PB/SC

  • Mass (g): 45 Grain

  • Test Range (m): 10

  • Velocity (m.s): 920



  • Caliber: 7.62 x 51 mm

  • Ammunition: FJ/PB/HCI

  • Mass (g): 9.8

  • Test Range (m): 10

  • Velocity (m.s): 820

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